Next Two Dior Collections to be Designed by In-House Atelier

In October, Raf Simons announced his resignation as Creative Director of Dior. Now, according to a report by Steff Yotka of Vogue, the next two collections from Dior will be designed by the in-house team as the company has not chosen who will replace Simons. The atelier at Dior will reportedly be designing the Spring 2016 Couture collection and the Fall/Winter 16/17 collection.

This announcement may be great for fashionistas who may have wondered how the brand would approach next year’s fashion week but Chantal Fernandez of Fashionista, who also reported the announcement, thinks there may be another issue in which she says,

The announcement might quiet the bubbling speculation as to who will replace former Creative Director Raf Simons, who surprisingly announced his departure in October. But probably not. There are few things the fashion press loves talking about more than designer musical chairs, especially when it involves one of the most influential posts in the industry.

Talk about who will replace the Creative Directors who have either resigned or who have been fired is going to be popular next year. When a brand like Dior, known for its designs in haute couture, loses its Creative Designer and Alber Elbaz gets fired from Lanvin shortly after, you can expect that people will be talking about it.


This is further exemplified by Steff Yotka in that she thinks Dior’s “departure from the current system of designer appointments” will only keep rumors going. Dior is taking it’s time to choose a new creative director instead of doing what Gucci and Balenciaga did with the quick replacements of Frida Giannini and Alexander Wang.

Yotka also says that “top contenders according to secondhand sources range from Alber Elbaz to Olivier Rousteing”. I seriously doubt that Rousteing will be the new Creative Director, though. He’s doing well where he is at Balmian and I don’t think Rousteing’s designs would be a good fit for Dior.

If anything, I’d like to see Alber Elbaz become the new Creative Director of Dior as he is the one who made Lanvin the success that it is today. I’m sure he’d have much to offer Dior and other people would be quite excited to see him there as well. In the meantime, we’ll just have to enjoy the next two collections from the atelier of Dior. It will be interesting to see what they come up with, especially haute couture.

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