New York Fashion Week to be 10 Days Long in February

The CFDA has announced that New York Fashion Week will be 10 days long in February with New York Fashion Week: Men’s being shown at the same time.

According to an article on WWD, The CFDA has announced that New York Fashion Week will be 10 days long in February. New York Fashion Week: Men’s will be shown at the same time to make a 10 day schedule.

Men’s collections will be shown from Monday, February 5th to Wednesday, February 7th with women’s collections being shown from Thursday, February 8th to Wednesday, February 14th.

Some designers will be showing both men’s and women’s collection like Raf Simons who will show a menswear collection for his own brand and a womenswear collection for Calvin Klein.


CFDA Vice President of Marketing Mark Beckham released a statement saying, “we keep finding ways to help designers find new outlets to show their collections. Whether that’s showing men’s and women’s together, showing off-schedule or even overseas… By having the men’s shows adjacent to women’s, we hope we will have strong showing for NYFW.”

The CFDA might have made the new schedule for menswear shows to get more press as editors and street style bloggers who already need to be in New York for the women’s collections might just be there earlier to see the men’s shows as well. It might have also been made to give New York Fashion Week more designers and collections as many brands have been showing their collections in other places like Los Angeles and Paris.

Also, men’s and women’s collections might be shown together in February but they will continue to be shown separately afterwards. New York Fashion Week: Men’s will be shown in July before womenswear collections are shown in September.

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