New York Fashion Week Starts Tomorrow but with Changes

New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow and it’s coming with quite a few changes. I will be covering my favorite shows, pieces, and their designers but there’s one story that just keeps coming up in my news feeds. The usual “here’s what trends to lookout for” or “[insert brand name here] will be releasing the best Spring/Summer collection yet” headlines aren’t what’s been circulating just days before Fashion Week starts. Instead, everyone is talking about Givenchy, but why?

Riccardo Tisci. Photo by: Karim Sadli.
Riccardo Tisci. Photo by: Karim Sadli.

According to The New York Times, Ricardo Tisci, the Creative Director of Givenchy, is giving away 820 seats to the public on a first-come first-serve basis. regardless of the fact the show will be held on September 11th, I have no doubt that those seats will fill up in no time simply because everyone wants to get in these usually invite-only shows. This ties into the news we heard earlier about Givenchy showing it’s collection in Manhattan instead of Paris, but there is more to opening the show to the public than mere publicity. According to Tisci it’s about including everyone.

While others think brands may follow in their footsteps and open their shows, I think if they do, it won’t be all at once. It’s hard for me to see a brand like Hermès open its shows, given it’s affinity for exclusivity, but I can guarantee you that other brands will be keeping a close eye.

Another big shift we’ll be seeing this season at New York Fashion Week is the changing of locations from the Lincoln Center as the regular venue for shows to Skylight Clarkson SQ. and the Skylight at Monyhian Station. This might pose, albeit a small problem but a problem none the less, for designers as written by Sara Bauknecht of post-gazette,

When industry insiders and style spectators alike descend upon the Big Apple to see what designers have in store for spring/summer 2016, they won’t be returning to the mammoth tents at Lincoln Center on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, where so many runway shows have been headquartered since 2010…Meanwhile, some designers have had to forgo their longtime time slots for shows for new ones during the eight days of events.

Designers, models, and journalists are always so stressed and running around during fashion week and the last thing they need is to deal with rescheduling shows.

Regardless of what happens, I think Fashion Week will go over quite smoothly. It will be different but some say it’s for the best. One thing I’m wondering, though, is what Fashion Week will be called this season since Mercedes-Benz will no longer be the title sponsor. It won’t be Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week anymore but as soon as we find out what Fashion Week’s new name will be, I will cover it. Be sure to check Haute Écriture for more or follow us on Instagram or Facebook for quick updates.


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