New Coach Apple Watch Bands Available Online

Earlier this month, a Coach customer service representative confirmed the brand would be releasing new Apple Watch bands for fall. The brand has now listed some of the bands online and the original band will be restocked on the week of December, 18th.

Some of the new Coach Apple Watch bands have been listed online. This includes the Studs Leather Watch Strap in Ginger (brown), the Rexy Leather Watch Strap, the new red Leather Strap with Charms. and the new purple Tea Rose Appliqué Leather Strap.

The Tea Rose Appliqué band in pale pink, called “Petal Pink”, as well as the new Bleecker 40mm Shadow Ghost Strap have not been listed online. A representative did, however, send me photos of the Bleecker band.

Take a look at photos of the new Coach Apple Watch bands below.

The Studs Leather band and the Rexy strap both retail at $125 while the Tea Rose Appliqué band costs $150. The Bleecker band, the most expensive of the new bands, retails at $225.


The Studs Leather band, the Rexy strap, and the red Leather Strap with Charms are avaible for order online, but the Tea Rose Appliqué band is not. You can, however, order the Tea Rose Appliqué band in both purple and Petal Pink as well as the new Bleecker band through customer service.

The new bands, like the last release, are available in limited quantities. According to a representative, there are only 10 purple Tea Rose Appliqué bands available and the Pale Pink band won’t be in stock until the week of December, 18th.

Also to be restocked then is the Tea Rose Appliqué band in “Chalk” (white) and The Wild Beast Camo Leather Strap in all colors. Coach should be receiving a total of 40 bands each, though.

It is currently not known how many Studs Leather bands or Rexy straps are available but the representative says some of the bands are on back order. She also says customers have been placing pre-orders for the unreleased bands.

Also, the representative says the bands will not be available in stores, however, a sales associate at a Coach boutique on Post Street in San Francisco says the bands will be avaible at his store November 1st. Other sales associates at two other stores have confirmed they’d receive the bands as well.

Regardless, what is available now is the Studs Leather band in Ginger, the Rexy Strap, the red Leather Strap with Charms, and the purple Tea Rose Appliqué band.

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