I Need a Smaller Wallet for my New Coach Nolita Wristlet

I was recently gifted some new bags and one of those was a Coach Nolita Wristlet in black pebbled leather. It’s quite a beautiful clutch. The only thing is that it’s a little small. My long wallet from Guess that I got for Christmas barely fits in it and my lotion and chapstick are the only other things that fit in it. So, now I’m going to need new, smaller wallet.

The Coach Nolita Wristlet is a beautiful bag. The black pebbled leather is soft but the clutch is structured. The gold tone hardware has some wieght to it and compliments the bag without being too loud. It’s just a little small.

When I saw this bag online, it looked large for a clutch. That’s why I wanted it. I wanted a clutch that I can still pretty much fit everything I usually carry into, which isn’t much anyway, but when I go it, it was a lot smaller than it looked in the photos. Also, I saw this bag and some other bag I saw online in a Coach boutique before it was gifted to me and they were all a lot smaller than they looked online. Still, the Nolita wristlet seemed large enough to fit everything I usually carry.

Also, I got another Coach clutch and it’s even smaller than the Nolita wristlet so I need to get a new wallet if I even want to use that bag.


The guess wallet that I got for Christmas is a little big and has more card slots than I actually need so I needed to get a new wallet anyway. It’s just that shopping for a small wallet that will hold all of my cards can be a little difficult.

In December, I told you guys that I wanted a card holder so that I can keep my main card that I use the most in my pocket and a larger wallet to keep all my other cards in my bag. I did that after I got the wallet from Guess and got a card holder in monogram canvas from Coach. I still want to have a wallet that will hold all of my cards that I don’t use that much but small wallets usually don’t hold that many cards.

Regardless, I can still find something. I can get something affordable in faux leather since the wallet will mostly be in my bag anyway instead of only getting something expensive and only genuine leather. That will also make it easier for me to get one.

The Coach Nolita Wristlet may be a little small for my wallet but it’s still a beautiful bag. The black pebbled leather is beautiful and the hardware looks amazing. I just need to get a smaller wallet to carry in it.

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