Model Louise Parker Calls Out Balenciaga on Instagram for Canceling Gig

Model Louise Parker called out Balenciaga on Instagram for canceling her runway gig after having traveled for hours, getting her hair cut, and being fitted after waiting for hours.

According to an article on Fashionista, Model Louise Parker called out Balenciaga on Instagram for canceling her runway gig. The model traveled for 12 hours, got her hair cut, and was fitted after waiting for hours all for the French luxury brand’s show on Sunday, October 1st at Paris Fashion Week.

Models have been using social media quite a bit lately to talk about the way the fashion industry treats them. Parker’s calling out of the brand is just the latest.

Brand’s have also been using social media for things like that as well, though, it’s mostly small brands that call out bigger brands for copying. Forever 21, for example, gets called out by smaller brands a lot on Instagram.


Parker posted a photo (below) on Instagram saying,

it feels great to take a 12 hour trip for a client, be fitted after waiting for hours, agree to have your hair cut for their show, only to be cancelled the following day. Now that you’re finally paying attention to “model’s rights” (I also got that doctors note to confirm a healthy BMI) maybe I’d feel better if I met with your so called therapist that’s on call 24/7. Thanks for the haircut @balenciaga Thanks @kering_official #fuckyoubalenciaga #kering.

Model Alliance founder posted a photo on Instagram in response to Parker saying,

one of the reasons we established the Model Alliance, and our discreet grievance reporting service MA Support, was to give our community a means to raise their concerns and offer policy recommendations to the industry. Let’s be constructive in our approach and use our experiences and insights to improve our industry. @saraziff #pfw #pfw2017.

The photo Ziff posted reads,

it is important to consult with the models when drafting a policy that aims to improve their working lives. Evidently, greater clarity is needed regarding expectations for bookings. For example, it would be reasonable for a model to be confirmed for a job in writing before she is required to change her appearance.

Both Parker and Balenciaga have not responded to requests for comment.

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