Massimiliano Giornetti Is Leaving Salvatore Ferragamo

Yet another creative director is leaving a brand. Massimiliano Giornetti announced that he is leaving the Italian brand Slavatore Ferragamo. Now, Salavatore Ferragamo will have its in-house atelier design its clothing.

According to an article on WWD, Giornetti announced on Thursday that he’d be resigning as creative director of Salvatore Ferragamo after having been with the brand for 16 years.

Giornetti joined Slavatore Ferragamo in 2000 to work on the brand’s menswear and was then made creative director of both menswear and womenswear in 2011. The Slavatore Ferragamo Fall/Winter 15/16 collection was Giornetti’s last collection for the brand.

Giornetti hasn’t released any official statements but Slavatore Ferragamo CEO Michele Norsa was exclusively interviewed by WWD. When asked what the company will do now, Norsa said, “We will take this opportunity to revisit our creative approach.” To which he continued, “over time, the company has nurtured and sponsored many young designers and is fortunate to be able to count on an excellent in-house team.”


Armando Mammina, a marketing consultant in Milan also released a statement saying, “the in-house team is perfectly capable of developing the brand’s core accessories business, which is often continued and updated depending on the season.”

Salvatore Ferragammo does not want to simply find some to replace Massimiliano Giornetti, but instead let its in-house atelier design its clothing for now. This is the same thing Dior did when Raf Simons resigned as the brand’s creative director in October of last year; however, Dior is doing that so they can carefully choose who they want to replace Simons while Salvatore Ferragammo seems like it’s doing it in an effort to support young designers.

Regardless, I’m glad the Salvatore Ferragamo will be letting its in-house atelier work on its collections like Dior but I don’t think they should take as long as Dior to replace Giornetti. Dior has received some negative reviews since Raf Simons left the brand and that wouldn’t be good for Slavatore Ferragamo. Not to mention, there were no celebrities at the Dior Haute Couture Spring 2016 show and no one was actually talking about the clothes. They were only talking about Raf Simons. Salvatore Ferragamo was financially successful last year but they might not be as successful if they take as long as Dior to replace Giornetti.

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