Mansur Gavriel to Launch Ready to Wear Collection this Fall

Mansur Gavriel will launch its first Ready to wear collection this fall. The collection will also be a “see now, buy now” collection.

According to an article on Business of Fashion, Mansur Gavriel will launch its first Ready to wear collection during its Fall/Winter 17/18 presentation in September. Showing a Fall/Winter collection in September also means it will be a “see now, buy now” collection.

Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel released a statement saying,

We want to create a full world for our consumers and are thrilled to grow our product offering to include ready-to-wear. Our decision to simultaneously switch to a consumer-focused calendar is also exciting. We’re looking forward to offering our customers such immediacy.


Mansur Gavriel, which won the 2016 CFDA Award for Accessories Designer of the Year, hired more people for its ready to wear business. The brand hired designers for the first time last year. The brand previously did not hire anyone for the first two years.

Mansur and Gavriel have also funded the company themselves. When asked if they were interested in funding the Company with outside investments Mansur said they were not.

Since the brand will be showing their Fall/Winter 17/18 collection in September, there will not be a new collection during fashion week in February.

No announcements have been made on whether items will be available immediately after the show or not. Regardless, items should be available to customers a lot faster than before. The brand does have long waitlist for its bags, though. So, either bags will be more available or they’ll sell out more quickly.

Also, we won’t know what the collection will look like until September but you can look at photos from the brand’s previous presentations to see what it might look like.

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