Mansur Gavriel Should Stop Being So Trendy

Mansur Gavriel was quite a popular brand a couple of years ago. The brand’s Bucket Bag was the newest “it” bag. The brand, however, is trendy and should make more classic products to be successful.

The brand’s aestetic is basically minimalistic and trendy. It’s pretty much a brand for millennials. The brand makes many products in millennial pink and its stores are even millennial pink. Pretty much every product is made in that minimalistic, trendy style. That style, however, won’t be that popular anymore in a couple of years. There will be new styles and new products that replace it and the brand will have to make new products to be successful.

The brand can’t just keep making products for millennials. The only thing is that’s what the brand’s aethetic is. Brands like Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and more make products for millennials but they still have their classic aesthetic. They release new seasonal bags but they can still sell their classic bags like the Louis Vuitton Alma or the Chanel Wallet on Chain. Their products simply look trendy and have a little of the minimalistic or street style aesthetic that’s quite popular right now. Their entire aesthetic isn’t that style but Mansur Gavriel’s aesthetic pretty much is that minimalistic style.

There are also quite a lot of brands that don’t make any classic products and who’s aesthetic is street style like Alexander Wang. Pretty much every collection is street style. There are no classic products. Only trendy ones. They will also have to make new products to be sucessful.


These brands are basically like Zara, H&M, and Forever 21. They don’t have a classic aesthetic. That’s why they release new products pretty much every week and copy other brands. They don’t have classic products or classic styles like luxury brands do.

Mansur Gavriel could keep making the Bucket Bag, which is the most classic and popular bucket bag. The brand’s other products, however, aren’t so classic. Plus, the way the brand markets and advertises its products are also trendy. The brand does pretty well on social media but the brand is going to have to make products in a different aesthetic to be successful.

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