Mansur Gavriel May Not Be Trying to be Hermès

In February, I wrote an article called “Is Mansur Gavriel Trying to be Hermès?” in which I talked about how the Bucket Bag is sold out in every color on their website and about how the brand is keeping the bag exclusive. While the Bucket Bag has sold out on their website, it seems to still be available on Net-A-Porter and other websites.

As I said before, I’m sure Rachel Mansur and Florian Gavriel know how in demand their Bucket Bag is but it seems lik they are trying to be Hermès and keep the Bucket Bag in demand by making it exclusive like the Birkin. Now, though, Mansur Gavriel might not be using the same marketing tactics as Hermès and making the Bucket Bag exclusive.

Mansur Gavriel released new handbags and shoe styles a couple of months ago and when they did, they made them available on Net-A-Porter. They also made a couple of Bucket Bags available. They sold out quickly but Net-A-Porter has restocked the Mansur Gavriel page and the new bag and shoes styles are still available.

They also restocked their website and made their new bags and shoe available at some luxury retail stores. The Bucket Bag also quickly sold out after the website was restocked. The Bucket Bag was sold out in every size and every color but now some colors are still available.


Mansur Gavriel may not be trying to keep the Bucket Bag in demand and make it exclusive as it is still available online and in stores. Some of the most popular colors are still sold out, though, as well as some of the new bag and shoe styles but you can still get a Bucket Bag on Mansur Gavriel’s website or on Net-A-Porter.

If they were using the same marketing tactics as Hermès and trying to make the Nucket Bag exclusive it would still be sold out in every size and every color. The Bucket Bag is available on Net-A-Porter’s Mansur Gavriel page and other websites and you can still get the Bucket Bag from some luxury retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue.

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