Mansur Gavriel Debuts New Logo Print

Mansur Gavriel has released a new logo print on its Tote Bag and Large Wallet.

According to an article on PurseBlog, Mansur Gavriel has released a new logo print. The brand has released the new print on its Tote Bag and Large Wallet as other brand released new monograms and logo bags as well.

Most new logo prints look kind of masculine, especially when they are made by new and contemporary brands, according to PurseBlog. Mostly because large logos are like those of athletic apparel brands. Also, because street style is trendy in fashion right now, which uses quite a lot of logos and is usually more men’s clothing. Mansur Gavriel, however, didn’t do that.

Instead of using the minimalistic logo that’s printed and stamped on all of its bags, the brand used a casual, handwritten font that makes the bag look custom.


The brand doesn’t seem to have made any official announcements about it and hasn’t posted any photos of the bags on social media but most brands that have recently released new monograms and logo bags haven’t. Many brands just release them in their newest collection where most of them have been released in cruise and resort collections.

The print is only available on the brands Tote Bag in Camello which retails for $545 and on the Large Wallet in Camello which costs $245. The Tote Bag has a white logo print on it where the Large Wallet has the logo embossed in it. They are also only available online and in stores from the brand and at Le Bon Marché In Paris.

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