Madewell to Launch Menswear Within the Next Year

J Crew has announced that Madewell is launching menswear within the next year.

According to an article on Fashionista, J Crew has announced that Madewell is launching menswear within the next year. The company made the announcement during a conference call for earnings results for the second quarter fiscal 2018.

The company did not specifically say when it would launch menswear but it will probably be within the next year.

The company didn’t say whether the brand will sell menswear in stores like J Crew or have a separate store like other brands do. The company also didn’t talk about the aesthetic of the clothing. The clothes could be dressy or they could be street style clothing.


The brand has been pretty successful with getting millennials to buy its products. The brand knows what millennials want to shop, how they want to shop, the prices they want to pay, and the ad campaigns the like. Sales at the brand always increase where sales at J Crew decline. In Q2, sales at Madewell increased by 28%. Sales at J Crew increased by 1% after about 4 years of declining sales.

The company also announced that J Crew will relaunch on September 10th and talked about how the brand will relaunch. The brand will increase model diversity, launch more sizes, new collections for certain aesthetics, lower prices, increase the quality of its products, make wholesale bigger, launch new retail business models, a new rewards program, and more.

The brand should also sell more products online and do more on social media. More people shop online than in stores and doing more online would make sales and profits increase.

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