Louis Vuitton Wasn’t the First to Make This Silhouette

The Louis Vuitton Alma is a classic bag. It’s got a pretty simple shape but it’s one of the brand’s most popular and recognizable bags. The bag comes in monogram canvas, Damier Ebene, and two different leathers. The bag is also said to be the first handbag with the silhouette and bags that look like it are always said to be copies or compared to it. Louis Vuitton, however, wasn’t the first brand to make that silhouette.

Louis Vuitton began as a luggage maker. The brand made flat, rectangular luggage where others made round luggage so that luggage kept outside on trains or in the back of a car would not get ruined by the rain. The brand made its luggage in monogram canvas, which was water proof and is now the most famous monogram in the world. The rectangular shape made the luggage able to be placed on top of each other, which if your luggage was round it couldn’t.

The brand, of course, began making handbags afterwards when it started becoming more popular and most of them were inspired by luggage or made to carry specific things. The Alma, like many other bags, was inspired by luggage made by other brands, which the silhouette was popular before the bag was even made. Online fashion news publication PurseBlog even published and article about it.

It’s the same with the Hermès Kelly. The brand wasn’t the first to make the silhouette, although the Kelly is the most popular bag with it. Other brands like Launer, which is Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite brand, makes some handbags in this shape. The brand does, however, call them “Kelly style” bags. Many brands do simply because of the popularity of the Hermès Kelly.


People also always compare tote bags to the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. The Neverfull is one of the brands most popular bags but it was made about 10 years ago. Brands have been making that silhouette much before the bag was released.

It’s also said the brand made the bag to compete with bags from other brands like the Goyard Saint Louis Tote bag, however, the silhouette has been very popular for a while. Tote bags are made by pretty much every brand like Hermès, Longchamp, Coach and more but some brands have made their tote bags look a lot like the Neverfull because of its popularity.

Louis Vuitton was not the first to make that silhouette or even other silhouettes the brand is said to have made. The silhouette was made by many other brands before the Alma was even a handbag.

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