Louis Vuitton Handbag Size Guide

Everyone loves a good Louis Vuitton handbag. Some people love them because of the popularity and luxury of the brand and others because of the history. Pretty much every Louis Vuitton handbag looks good but they way you style it might not. The size of the bag you get can make an outfit look amazing or make it look terrible which is why I’ve written this size guide to help you.


Selecting a handbag size should be easy enough but there are several acronyms that Louis Vuitton uses to describe the sizes of its handbags which are BB, PM, MM, and GM.

The first acronym we have is BB which stands for “bebe bandouliere” and is French for “baby shoulder”. These handbags are the smallest bags that Louis Vuitton sells and always come with a shoulder strap. Take the Alma BB for example. It’s the smalles version of one of Louis Vuitton’s most classic bags.

Next is PM which stands for “petite modele” which means “small model”. These bags are larger than the BB models and while they are considered the small model, they are quite average in size and fit well with most people.

MM stands for “moyen modele” and means “medium model”. These bags may b  called medium but they are large. They can hold quite a lot of things in them. When you carry one, it’s obvious that you have a larger size bag so if you do get an MM sized bag, make sure you’re tall enough for it or that it at least goes well with your outfit.

Finally, we have GM which stands for “grande modele” and means “large model”. These are the largest bags that Louis Vuitton makes which is why bags like the Neverfull in this size are very good for traveling and, if you don’t care about getting sand on them, the beach. They will fit all the usual things you’d carry in a handbag along with shoes and a change of clothing.

Those are the acronyms that are used to describe the size of a Louis Vuitton handbag, though, there is one more that isn’t used for sizing and that’s NM which stands for “nouvelle modele” and means “new model”. It’s important to know them if you plan on buying a bag, especially if you’re buying online.

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