The Longchamp Le Pliage is Great for More Than Travel

The Longchamp Le Pliage is still one of my favorite bags. I love it and I love reading about what others have to say about it. While many people love the bag as much as I do, they all seem to say the same thing about it. Everyone always talks about how the bag is great for travel. I’m sure it is, but it’s great for more than that, too.

Before I get a bag, I like to read about it and see what others have to say about it. I did this with the Le Pliage and pretty much every article you’ll find about this bag says that it’s great for travel, school, or just throwing all your stuff in. Even all the videos you find on the bag say this. I’m sure that if you use it for those things, it will serve you well but the Longchamp Le Pliage is great for style as well.

The Le Pliage is a beautiful bag. The nylon is of great quality and comes in beautiful colors as well as the leather of the handles and flap. Not to mention, the silhouette of the bag looks amazing. Depending on what model you get, it works well for all seasons. I have a small, black handbag and the tote bag like shape works well for the summer but the short handles, which is what makes it a handbag and not a tote as the tote bags have long handles, makes it a great winter bag as well.

The bag is also quite minimalistic. The nylon and the leather on the bags aren’t too loud and even though the bag comes in some loud colors, it still looks minimalistic. There isn’t too much hardware on it either. You pretty much get the zipper and the button on the flap. The Le Pliage does have some branding on it, though, but it’s mostly on the hardware and the back of the flap.


Given all that, I wonder why people don’t seem to use them for style. I’m sure people do, but no one ever talks about the bags that way. They only talk about how they are great for travel. No one ever says how it could give your summer outfit a chic, minimalistic look or give your winter outfit some understated, beautiful craftsmanship.

Also, Longchamp knows people use the Le Pliage for travel, which is why the large size has a hole in the leather by the zipper so you can lock it, but I’m sure that’s not what they made the bag for. Longchamp actually has a specific bag for that called the Le Pliage Travel Bag. Seriously, that’s what it’s called. It folds like the Le Pliage, has the same handles as the Le Pliage, but has a different silhouette and a shoulder strap.

The Longchamp Le Pliage is great for travel but it’s also great for fashion and style. Anyone can use any bag they buy any way they want but the Longchamp Le Pliage is better used to show how beautiful it is.

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