The Longchamp Le Pliage Is My Favorite Bag Right Now

Everyone who loves handbags knows, or at least should know, what a Longchamp Le Pliage is. In case you don’t, the Le Pliage is a nylon handbag with leather handles and trimming made by French luxury brand Longchamp. The Le Pliage began to gain popularity when everyone saw Kate Middleton wearing the bag and they’re favorite celebrities. Now, the Le Pliage has become my favorite handbag of the moment and here’s why.

The Longchamp Le Pliage is so beautiful. It’s minimalistic in style and design. The colors of the bags are all matte and not shiny, as nylon usually is, and go well with the signature brown leather of the bag. There is also some beautiful contrast stitching on the leather but even though the stitching is a lighter color than the leather, it’s still not very loud or flashy. It would actually be a bit difficult to be flashy with one as the Le Pliage starts at $95 for the small model with short handles so the price itself makes it difficult to do.

Also, the materials used are well worth the price. The nylon of the bag is quite thick and the leather handles and flap are of amazing quality. Most people who own these bags often talk about how long they last. Though, the bags will get some wear as the nylon can stain and the leather will get scratched. Regardless, the bag is of very good quality and easy to clean and manage which is why people always talk about the Le Pliage as a good utility bag.


Everyone always says how great they are for traveling and how you can put so much stuff in them. That’s great and I’m sure the bag is good for all that, but they are also very great for style. I’m going to be getting two Le Pliage handbags soon and I’m not going to be using my either as a utility or travel bag. I’m going to use it the same way someone would use a Louis Vuitton Alma or a Céline luggage tote; as a handbag.

The Le Pliage is beautiful enough to where it can be used that way. They go well with casual and formal wear and have a variety of colors to choose from so they work well with many outfits. I’m not saying it’s bad that people only use them as utility bags, but to me the Le Pliage is much more beautiful than that. Just as Coach is becoming one of my favorite brands, so is Longchamp and the Le Pliage is my favorite of the brand.

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