Loewe Hires New CEO from Céline

Loewe has hired Pascale Lepoivre from Céline as the brand’s new CEO, replacing Lisa Montague and joining Jonathan Anderson.

According to an article on WWD, Loewe has hired Pascale Lepoivre as the brand’s new CEO. Lepoivre was previously the Executive Vice President of Céline but has now moved from one LVMH owned brand to another.

Lepoivre is replacing Lisa Montague who left Loewe and returned to London for personal reasons and is “considering other options within LVMH.”

Pierre-Yves Roussel told WWD that Lepoivre’s experience would work well for the brand with creative director Jonathan Anderson.


Roussel released a statement saying,

In addition to the fashion injection Jonathan has brought, there’s been incredible work that has been done in leather goods, which is the pillar of Loewe. The business is doing super well. [Anderson is] bringing a very interesting, fresh vision and at the same time, one that’s very coherent with Loewe. We’re very excited with the project.

Lepoivre has been with Céline for almost ten years managing the brand’s product operations. She joined Céline around the same time as Phoebe Philo, the brand’s current creative director. Both Lepoivre and Philo worked under CEO Marco Gobbetti.

Before working at Céline, Lepoivre worked at Louis Vuitton and became director of the brand’s fashion and leather goods products division.

Montague worked at Loewe for about 7 years after joining from Mulberry and helped manage the replacement of Coach’s Stuart Ververs by Anderson.

Gobbetti is also leaving Céline as he recently announced he’d be moving to Burberry. As Burberry’s current CEO Christopher Bailey resigns, Gobbetti will replace him. Gobbetti will be joining the brand in 2017 when his current contract is up.

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