Kylie Jenner Releases New “Kyshadow” Collection

Kylie Jenner, maker of the ever so popular Lip Kits, has launched her first eye makeup product on Monday.

According to an article on Fashionista, Kylie Jenner has announced the release of her new eyeshadow palette, “Kyshadow”. The palette comes in a set of 9 neutral and brown colors.

Jenner posted a photo on Instagram on Sunday teasing the release and telling her fans to go to her app and her website for more information on Monday. Then, Kylie Cosmetics posted a photo of the packaging for the eyeshadow on Instagram with a preview of some of the colors.

Jenner later posted a photo of the entire Kyshadow palette (below) on Instagram.

#KYSHADOW Bronze Palette @kyliecosmetics

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

In a video on, Jenner says, “I’ve been using it every day for the past five or six months. Every Snapchat and Instagram you’ve seen me in, I’ve been wearing this palette.”

Jenner talks more about the product in the video saying, “It was so important for me to release this one first. All of the makeup artists that work with me know that I’m very specific about the colors of brown that go on my eyes.”


The first Kyshadow palette Jenner and her company are launching is called “The Bronze Palette”.

As Fashionista points out, there will probably be more Kyshadow palettes released later given that Jenner says this is the “first launch” and how she says it was important that she “release this one first”.

It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if she released palettes similar to her Lip Kits.

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