Kylie Jenner Releases New Birthday Makeup Kit

Last week, Kylie Jenner released the first palette in her eyeshadow collection, “Kyshadow” which is also her first eye makeup product. Now, Kylie Jenner has released a “Birthday Edition”, gold colored make up kit on Monday in celebration of her birthday on August 10th.

According to an article on The New York Times, Jenner has released a new “Birthday Edition”, gold colored makeup kit on Monday to celebrate her 19th birthday which is on August 10th.

The makeup kit comes with 6 mini matte lipsticks, a new metal colored matte lipstick, a lip gloss, a dark brown eyeshadow from the Kyshadow Bronze Palette, two new crème eyeshadows, a lip liner, a makeup brush, and a makeup bag.

The kit also comes with Jenner’s first “Kyliner”, an eyeliner pencil and gel.

Jenner teased the release of a new product over the weekend and, like she did with her Kyshadow palette, posted photos of the Birthday Edition kit (below) on Instagram and Snapchat on Sunday.

Jenner just barely released her Kyshadow bronze palette last week which was her first eyeshadow product and was an important release for her and her brand Kylie Cosmetics.

The Birthday Edition kit, however, is her biggest makeup release with 15 products in total in the kit.


Jenner’s “Birthday Edition” makeup kit costs $195 but you can get products in the makeup kit separately as well. That is, if she restocks them.

The makeup kit, as well as all the separate items from the kit, sold out completely online the day they were released.

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