Kylie Jenner is Getting Better at Stocking Her Lip Kits

When Kylie Jenner first released her Lip Kits, the all sold out immediately. Then, just about every time she restocked them, they continued to sell out. She also always sells out of any new lip kit color and new product like Kyshadow every time it’s released. Kylie Jenner just released three new lip kit colors and a couple of days before that she released Kyliner but neither of them sold out. Are Jenner’s products not that popular anymore?

Kylie Cosmetic products, like the Lip Kits, Kyshadow, and Kyliner mentioned above, are still very popular. The reason her products aren’t selling out as much as they used to is because Jenner is getting better at restocking them.

As mentioned, when Jenner first released her lip kits on, Hey sold out immediately. She then restocked the lip kits various times afterwards and each time, the sold out. She then started releasing new lip kit colors and styles and every time she did, they sold out within minutes.

Then she released Kyshadow, her first eye makeup product, and that sold out within minutes. After that, she released “birthday edition” makeup kits that all sold out within minutes.

Advertisement even started crashing, not processing customer’s orders, and even canceling customer’s orders because there were just too many people trying to buy too many products at once.

Fans who missed out on the products were, of course, disappointed. Jenner, however, wants all her fans to be able to get her lip kits, kyshadows, and kyliners.

Jenner has been working on restocking her products enough so that all her fans can get some and it seems as if she has finally done it.

Last week, Jenner released both a black and brown kyliner and they didn’t sell out. It wasn’t until today, days after release, that the brown color sold out.

Last Friday, Jenner released three new lip kit colors, Dirty Peach, Brown Sugar, and Love Bite (a mauve tinted brown) and they are all still in stock. Pretty much all of her lip kit colors are in stock except for a few.

Jenner is getting much better at restocking her products. Her products are in demand right now and she’ll have to stock with a lot more product to not only make them more available to fans but to also increase profits for her and her company.

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