Kylie Jenner Announces New Kyshadow Palette for Fall

Kylie Jenner released “Kyshadow”, her first eye makeup product, earlier this year in July. The eyeshadow called the “Bronze Palette” was a collection of brown and beige colors which Jenner said was important she release first. Now, Jenner has announced a new Kyshadow palette for Fall.

According to an article on In Style, Jenner has announced a new Kyshadow palette for Fall. The new palette, called the “Burgundy Palette”, will be available on October 20th at 1PM PST.

Jenner first teased the new palette by posting a photo on Instagram via Kylie Cosmetics on Saturday, October 15th. The photo read, “new KyShadow Palette Reveal Today on Kylizzlemynizzl Snapchat.”

Jenner then debuted the palette on Snapchat with photos of the packaging and close ups of all 9 colors. The 19 year old Lip Kit maker then swatched all the colors and later modeled two of them.


After debuting the new palette, Jenner posted a video on Snapchat saying, “I’m so glad you guys love the Burgundy Palette. What I’m really excited to show you is my new shimmer formula I’m so excited about. So creamy and nice. If you’re a shimmer lover like me, I can’t wait for you to try this.”

Kylie Cosmetics has since posted photos of the entire palette (below) on Instagram. A couple of Jenner’s snaps as well as some photos were also posted before that.

Burgundy Palette countdown #3days #oct20

A photo posted by Kylie Cosmetics (@kyliecosmetics) on

The eyeshadow will most likely retail for $42 like the Bronze Palette did when it was first released. It will also probably sell out like the Bronze Palette.

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