Kylie Cosmetics is Having a Kyshadow Giveaway

Kylie Cosmetics is having a giveaway called “Eye Want It All” where you can win Kyshadow palletes, Kyliner kits, and brushes.

According to an article on Bustle, Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner’s makeup brand, is having a giveaway called “Eye Want It All”. The giveaway includes the Royal Peach Pallette, the Burgundy Pallete, the Bronze Pallete, 4 Kyliner kits, and a set of brushes.

Kylie Cosmetics posted a photo (below) on Instagram saying, “the ultimate EYES giveaway! Enter for your chance to WIN the bronze palette, burgundy palette, royal peach palette, four Kyliner kits & 5-piece brush set! Go to now.”

Jenner has given quite a few products away before but she’s never given this many products away at once. Jenner usually gives away a couple of lip kits when she releases a new color or new products that she’s released. Now, though, she’s giving away a total of 8 products. So, winning this giveaway would be great. Especially since the products are valued at over $150.


To enter the contest go to and click the banner at the top. Then, enter your name and email address and that’s it. You have until 11:59 PM PST on Thursday to enter the giveaway, according to the brand’s website. Afterwards, 5 people will be selected and notified by email. You also have to be 18 years old and a U.S. resident to enter.

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