Kris Jenner Wants Kylie Jenner to Sell Her Beauty Brand

Kylie Jenner was recently interviewed by WWD about her beauty brand Kylie Cosmetics along with Kris Jenner in which she says she’d like Kylie to sell the brand.

According to an article on Fashionista, Kylie Jenner was recently interviewed by WWD about her beauty brand Kylie Cosmetics. She was interviewed along with Kris Jenner in which she says she’d like Kylie to sell the brand.

In the interview, Kris talked about how Kylie’s popularity gives the company sales saying,

when you talk about advertising and the way businesses and brands are doing their PR and their print ads and the stuff they do — it’s so interesting that the telephone, something that we used just solely for communication, is now responsible for 80 percent of almost everything everyone does. Especially in this millennial generation of kids who look up to my girls and follow every move that they make on their phone…That translates into some of the sales that we have; we can really track where they are coming from.


Kylie, who of course is one of the most well known celebrities in Hollywood among younger generations, has about 96 million followers on Instagram. She’s just below her sister Kim Kardashian who has about 106 million followers. Her Kylie Cosmetics account has about 14 million followers. So, when she posts something online talking about a new makeup release, she is going to get a lot of sales.

Kylie talked more about working on products than on the business. She talked about thing like making new collections, working on ad campaigns, marketing, and the aesthetic of the brand. She also talked about releasing a collection of concealers and foundations by the end of the year but when she was asked if she would ever sell the company she said she “wants to keep building it and just show people what I can do on my own”.

Kylie continues to say that she’s busy getting ready to the next day’s shoot, working on the holiday collection, and making sure her complexion collection has a good release. Kylie is too busy making new products and says she is “definitely not done yet”.

Kris, however, talked more about the business. She wants the business to succeed and become a global beauty corporation and “for her, watching Kylie build, grow and eventually sell her business would be ‘such a life accomplishment for her [Kylie],'” according to WWD. She also says Kylie would remain involved with the company and would still be who makes new products for the brand if there was a sale.

She continued to say,

if one of the big ones was to come along and buy Kylie, I think it would be a very exciting time, but also a time for great growth and it would give Kylie a whole new world to create in. The beauty of what the company that does eventually buy Kylie Cosmetics — the benefit they will reap will be the expansion and doing worldwide retail along with the e-commerce… it certainly would be a very proud moment for me because we’ve worked so hard on it. It’s definitely something we eat, breathe, and sleep. We’re living makeup.

As for if Kylie Jenner will sell Kylie Cosmetics, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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