Jill Demling Resigns as Entertainment Director of Vogue

Vogue has announced that Jill Demling is resigning as Entertainment Director of the magazine after 20 years.

According to an article on The Hollywood Reporter, Vogue has announced that Jill Demling is resigning as Entertainment Director of the magazine. Demling has been with the magazine for 20 years.

Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour released a statement saying,

Jill has been an invaluable part of my Vogue team for the past twenty years, starting her career as my assistant and moving on to being a highly valued co-director of Conde Nast’s Talent Group. We will miss her enthusiasm, her extraordinary network of contacts and her amazing sixth sense of knowing exactly what makes a Vogue story.


Demling was hired at Vogue about 20 years ago or so as an assistant and became Entertainment Director where she booked celebrity covers, Met Gala hosts and performers, and the many celebrities, athletes, artists, and more featured in the magazine’s pages. She also book celebrities for the magazines “73 questions” series on YouTube.

She has booked celebrities like Adele and Jennifer Aniston in the magazine along with Hollywood film releases, Grammys awards, and album releases. She most recently booked Lady Gaga for the October issue and Beyoncé for the September issue. She has also booked Lady Gaga and Harry Styles for the Met Gala next year.

Demling has booked over 100 covers for the magazine in the last 10 years.

Demling is leaving the magazine to pursue other opportunities, however, it has not specifically been said what she will do after working at the magazine.

Condé declined to comment on whether Demling would continue to work for the company as a contributor or freelancer or not.

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