J Crew to Release Q2 Earnings Results August 28th

J Crew has announced that it will release earnings results for the second quarter fiscal 2018 on August 28th.

According to an article on PR Newswire, J Crew has announced that it will release earnings results for Q2 on August 28th at 4:30 PM EST. The company will release the results in a conference call.

Sales at the brand have been decreasing for a while. Earlier this year in March the brand released results for the first fiscal quarter 2018 which sales decreased by 7% to $391.9 million. Sales at Madewell increased by 39% to $115.8 million.

Earnings result for Q2 will probably be the same. Although, the brand did just launch its loyalty program. The company may not be able to say specifically how much it is increasing sale but will probably talk about whether it is making sales increase or not.


People don’t shop at the brand anymore because of the prices. The brand seems too expensive and no one wants to shop at a store that sells clothing that’s too expensive for its quality. The loyalty program might make people shop there again if they can get discounts on the brand’s clothing.

Also, the brand isn’t cool anymore. People are shopping more at brands like Zara and H&M. People are shopping more at luxury brands as well. They save their money and get products from brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci, which some products from those aren’t that expensive.

People are also shopping more online than in stores. You can get products online cheaper than in stores. Brands are always having sales and you can get products for cheaper on websites like eBay.

The company currently has 229 J Crew stores, 122 Madewell stores, and 175 factory stores.

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