Is Mansur Gavriel Trying to be Hermès?

Last week, Mansur Gavriel released its first shoe collection and most of the styles sold have out already. Then, on Monday the brand revealed new handbags and more shoe styles. While everyone was busy talking about the new collection I noticed something. It seems like Mansur Gavriel is trying to be Hermès and pull a Birkin. Let me explain what I mean.

The Hermès Birkin is the most expensive, exclusive, sought after, and copied handbag line in the world. Everyone who loves handbags knows what it is, how much these things can cost, and how hard it is to get one.

If you want to buy a Birkin from Hermès, you apparently need to establish a “relationship” with the brand and a sales associate at a store by buying from Hermès frequently and for an undetermined amount of time. Only then can you approach a sells associate and ask to see a Birkin. Either that or you can ask any sells associate at any store and be put on a year to two-year waiting list that gets longer the more specific you are about what model you want.

Hermès does this to make the bag exclusive and that exclusivity is why the Hermès is able to charge so much for the bag and why people want it so much. That, and that the bags are all handmade, there are tailors and seamstresses who are trained for years before they can make a Birkin, and that it takes a week to make one bag. Aside from that, though, it’s mostly a marketing tactic. One that Mansur Gavriel is trying to use.


I’m sure Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel know how in demand their Bucket Bag is. Every size in every color is sold out on and has been for a while. There are even some styles that you can’t even get in stores. You’d think since the bag has been so successful and probably have made them a good amount of money that Mansur and Gavriel would manufacture more. Though, it seems they don’t want to and aren’t going to.

Mansur Gavriel knows they can keep the bag in demand by keeping it exclusive. They know that if they manufacture more bags to keep up with demand, it will saturate the market and it will end up being a trend much in the way the Céline Luggage tote did. That’s why they’re taking the Hermès approach and keeping the bag exclusive and unavailable; only releasing batches at a time. That’s why when Mansur Gavriel debuted its shoe collection on Net-A-Porter, there was one model of the Bucket Bag available and it sold out before the shoes themselves did.

Mansur Gavriel is making the Bucket Bag an exclusive, in demand item using the same marketing tactics as Hermès. There is no other reason the brand shouldn’t be making more bags and getting more retail partners to sell their bag.

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