I’m Getting Another Pair of Lacoste Marice Slip Ons

A couple of years ago I said I’d be wearing slip ons all summer. One of the slip ons I was talking about was the Lacoste Marice slip ons. I wore those shoes that summer and pretty much all year and I wore them all year last year as well. I actually threw those shoes away last year because they were ruined by wearing them so much but the lasted a while and I’m getting another pair.

A couple of years ago I got a pair of black Lacoste Marice slip ons. I wore them all year. I wore them when we’d go shopping in the weekend, on vacation in Long Beach, CA, on vacation in Las Vegas, and in Mexico. I wore them everywhere. I wore them quite a bit last year as well. Although, I threw them away in November.

The shoes were ruined from wearing them so much. The black canvas looked washed, the stitching was coming out, and the sole was ruined. They did, however, last a while. Most shoes only last for the summer if you wear them a lot unless they’re made of leather. The shoes are pretty good quality.

Since the shoes lasted as long as they did I’m going to get another pair. I won’t be wearing them to as many places as I did before so they will probably last me a bit longer. I also won’t be wearing them as much as I did before since I have more dressy casual clothing that I will be wearing my Clarks Prescott loafers with.


The brand doesn’t seem to sell them online, though. They are, however, available on other websites and in stores at other retailers like Nordstrom Rack, Bloomingdales, and more. They also retail from about $24 to $99.

As I said, these shoes are of pretty good quality. The canvas is soft and they last quite a while. They are also classic. They work well with casual outfits and dressy casual outfits. Wear them with a white v-neck t shirt and dark wash jeans for a casual look or a pair of shorts and a polo for a dressy casual look.

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