I Saw a Reseller Buying at a Coach Outlet Store

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I went shopping at a Coach outlet store. While we were shopping, a couple of women were buying a lot of handbags and accessories. These women, however, weren’t buying for themselves. They were resellers.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I went shopping at an outlet shopping center. While we were there, we decided to go to a Coach Outlet store. While shopping, a sales associate handed us a coupon. The store was having a sale where you could get half off your entire purchase.

Aer the sales associate gave us the coupons we looked around the store. I was browsing handbags and my husband was looking at wallets. Many of the products were already offered at discount prices. For example, I recently saw a $99 cosmetic bag on sale for $79 which would have only costed $39.50 with the half off coupon. So, the bags were pretty cheap.

When we finally decided what we we’re going to get, we went to pay. The line wasn’t very long but there was a woman in front who had a lot of handbags and accessories. She had about 10 handbags and about 15 – 25 wallets. There was another woman with her who had about that many bags and wallets as well.


It was pretty obvious what they were buying them for. Even the cashier knew what they were doing. These women weren’t buying the bags for themselves. They were resellers and they were buying the bags to sell them online for more than what they paid.

The bags are already on discount and then you get half off with the coupon. The bags may be old styles but they still sell. I see these items quite often on eBay and other resell sites. Items that are old or from previous collections are often sold online for more than what was paid for them.

Now, it’s not bad that these women are buying things and selling them for more tha now what they paid. That’s what businesses do. Brands make products and you pay more than what it costs the brand to make it.

You can, however, get a better deal by going to a Coach outlet store. You can get the same items you see on resell sites and pay much less. These items are already offered on discount and you can get half off with the coupon.

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  1. i have no problem with that whatsoever. That’s capitalism at work. And many people who buy on ebay – even at a higher price than in the outlet- don’t have a way or the time or the inclination to get to an outlet themselves. And they’re still paying less than they’d pay buying directly from Coach. It’s a win-win all around!

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  2. I’m disabled with limited mobility. I would love to walk the outlet stores for better deals, but life does not allow that for me. I enjoy shopping online and interacting with the sellers. I have had great success with my amazing purchases, without leaving my home.. It’s actually less expensive vs. my public disability needs. People buy and sell items all the time, socks, furniture, jewelry etc. What about Coupon- Clippers? What is the difference? The women did nothing illegal, the store allowed the transactions, and if these woman found a way to make some extra cash, selling their possessions….GOOD FOR THEM!

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  3. I am starting out as a reseller so I can stay at home with my kids. The reason people pay more is because tons of people love online shopping. Going out a searching for what you want at the right price is too much work for some people. Also some people are in areas where they are far from stores. Basically a resellers profit is like a finders fee. We are getting paid for finding it. Sure people can go out and find it but not everyone wants to go out and physically shop. I think it’s awesome but this is coming from a resellers perspective.

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