I Saw a $99 Cosmetic Bag on Sale for $39 at a Coach Outlet Store

There is this bag from Coach that I’ve been wanting. Well, it’s actually a cosmetic bag but I was going to use it as a clutch. Anyway, the bag I’m referring to is the black Cosmetic Case 22 in Corssgrain Leather. That bag costs $99, however, while I was shopping this weekend I saw it on sale at a Coach outlet store for $39.

My husband and I went shopping this weekend. We went to look for a pair of shoes I’ve been looking at online. While we were there, we went to the Coach outlet store. As we walked in, a sales associate handed us a coupon for an additional half of our entire purchase.

While my husband and I were browsing, I noticed that the store had quite a few cosmetic bags both in the 22 and 17 size. They had a larger selection than the regular Coach stores and the black one I’ve been wanting. As I said, the large 22 bag costs $99 but here in the outlet store they were on sale for $79. That’s about how much the small 17 bag costs at regular Coach stores.

Also, a sales associate gave us that half off coupon. So, that means that if I got the bag that was already in sale for $79, I would have paid $39.50. Now, I didn’t get the bag but if I did, I would’ve gotten a pretty good discount.


The only thing is that this bag is still available both at in stores and online. So, not only is a bag that’s still available at regular stores being sold at an outlet store, it’s being sold for much less.

I also saw a couple of other bags that are still available at regular store there, too. Bags like the Nomad Hobo bag, which costs between $325 and $495 depending on which one you get.

Coach outlet stores sell old bags and accessories that aren’t available at regular stores or online. So, I’m guessing these bags are probably only available at the outlet store because they are in old colors but why was the cosmetic bag there? It was available here in more colors than at regular stores. So, those may be old colors as well. The black one, however, is the same one that’s still available.

It’s good for shoppers that they can get the bag on discount at the outlet store. It’s not good, however, for shoppers who go to regular Coach stores or shop online. They’re being charged full price while the bag is available for much less. It’s also not good for the brand because shoppers will instead look in outlet stores for products rather than pay full price.

As I said in a previous article about the brand, if Coach wants to be a luxury brand again it needs to close all of its outlet stores. It also should stop having sales and giving so many discounts. Hermès for example never has sales or gives discounts. Everything is sold at full price until it’s gone. Louis Vuitton and Chanel also do this. No discounts, no sales, and no outlets.

Regardless, the brand does have outlet stores. The brand also seems to be offering a few products that are still available in stores for cheaper prices. So, unless it’s a new bag, go to a Coach outlet store to see if you can get a good discount on the bag you like. I would’ve got over half off the original price if I got that cosmetic bag.

So, what do you think? Is Coach selling bags that are still available at the outlet store or are they just old styles? Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat

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