I Hope the Apple Watch Hermès Doesn’t Miss This Opportunity

Vogue recently announced the theme for this years Met Gala. It has also been announced that Jony Ive, Apple’s Chief Design Officer, will be a special guest at the event. This is fitting since the theme for the Met Gala is “Fashion in an Age of Technology”. Though, I wonder if Apple will take this opportunity to show how fashionable the Apple Watch Hermès is.


Both Apple and Hermès passed up the perfect opportunity to show the Apple Watch Hermès as a fashion accessory in the Hermès Spring/Summer 2016 show during Paris Fashion Week. All eyes would’ve been on Hermès and it would have given the Apple Watch Hermès much more attention. It’s ridiculous how obvious of a great opportunity this was and Hermès didn’t put it in the show. Maybe they did that on purpose.

It could be that Apple wanted to save all the attention for the Met Gala but it could’ve done both just fine. The Apple Watch Hermès would’ve benefited from Paris Fashion Week and would only be cemented if worn at the Met Gala. Now we just have to wait and see if Apple or Hermès will take the opportunity of having the Apple Watch Hermès be a big part of the Met Gala.

If Apple and Hermès don’t take this opportunity it will give the impression that both companies don’t care and think that the product might fail. It’s important for the products success for Apple to show everyone how important it is that they worked with Hermès. People in fashion still don’t want to buy it, even though Apple just gave them a reason to, because they think it’s ridiculous to buy a watch that costs over $1,000. That is actually quite cheap for Hermès.

As I said in a previous article titled “Why The Apple Watch Isn’t That Popular in Fashion“, The Stainless Steel Apple Watch itself is $500 so that means that the Hermès watch band is $600 or more depending on the model you buy. That isn’t that much money compared the how much a small accessory from Hermès will cost you. For example, a double tour Kelly bracelet will cost you about $525 and a silk scarf can go for more that $300. Then we have other brands like Louis Vuttion and Chanel who sell products that are in that price range.

If people are willing to pay that much for accessories that are less functional than a watch that works with your phone, then I don’t see why people wouldn’t be willing to pay that much for this. You get so much more for your money with an Apple Watch Hermès than you would with a small leather card holder or something like that. There is, though, another argument I made in the same post I talked about price in.

The Apple Watch is a niche product. If Apple wants people in fashion to wear it instead of only people who wear watches, they need to jump on this opportunity to showtime potential of this device. Apple needs to make a bigger campaign for it and show people why it’s important instead of waiting for people to come to it. This watch has a lot of potential to take off in the fashion industry and Apple needs to do more to make that happen. Maybe work with other brands on a watch specific to that brand or at least have other brands make watch bands for it. I’d love to see a watch band in Chanel’s quilted leather.

What do you think? Should Apple take this opportunity to show the Apple Watch Hermès as a fashion accessory or should it just stick to the technology side of things? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to click “Subscribe” on the menu to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and to find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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