I Bought More H&M Easy Iron Shirts

Last year I wrote about the H&M $15 “Easy-iron” shirt and how I got it. I first bought the shirt a couple of years ago in Long Beach, CA and I bought two more about a year later. I said I’d be buying more and I did. I even got them on discount.

As I said, I first got one of these shirts while vacationing in Long Beach, CA for my first anniversary. My husband and I were browsing the store’s selection and I found is shirt in navy with white polka dots. I tried the shirt on and it fit perfectly. Though, when I bought it I was sure this was the only shirt in the store that would fit and that I probably wouldn’t find another one like it. That’s the way things usually are when you’re short.

Last year in August I found another one of these shirts in white. It was the same shirt but just in a different color. It, of course, fit perfectly as well. A couple of months later I got another one in light blue from.

A couple of months ago, I got even more. I got another white one, a white one with navy stripes, and a white one with light blue stripes. The shirts were also on discount and H&M was offering free shipping so I got 3 shirts for $30. The shirts usually cost $15 so I pretty much got one for free.


My husband even got some at an H&M store in grey and white with black stripes.

The white one I got because last year I would wear the white one and want to wear it again a couple of days later or the next weekend and I would have to wait until I washed whites. I will, of course, be wearing it with the same outfits I’ve been wearing the first white one I got with.

I wore the white one with navy stripes with navy chinos or dark wash jeans. I also wore it with navy shorts.

The white one with light blue stripes I wore with the white jeans I got from American Eagle a couple of months ago. I also wore it with a pair of white shorts and I will be wearing it with my navy chinos as well.

This shirt is available in XS – XXL. The shirt came in 17 different colors but now it comes in 10 different colors. That includes the navy with white polka dots I found a couple of years ago. It’s also a slim fit dress shirt, which is pretty good as most slim fit dress shirts are usually more expensive.

This shirt works well all year. Especially since it comes in 10 colors from classic white to navy, light blue, pink, and more.

I already have a lot of these shirts and I will be buying more. They are affordable, fit well, and since they work well for every season I will be wearing them all year.

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