How to Wear a Dress Shirt with a V-Neck Sweater

It’s fall and it will begin to get cold soon. Many people will be putting on warmer clothes including v-neck sweaters, one of fall and winter’s most popular piece of clothing. V-neck sweaters often look a lot dressier than crew necks and they layer well with other clothes, specifically dress shirts. So, today I’m going to tell you how to wear a dress shirt with one.

Wear A White or Blue Dress Shirt

First, you should know what color dress shirt to wear with what color sweater. The most common color to wear underneath a v-neck sweater is white. It’s classic and it pairs well with pretty much any color sweater you’ll wear. The next most common color is light blue. Many people wear navy sweaters in during fall and winter and light blue looks good with it.

Tuck In Your Collar

Unless your collar is too short it should be inside, or tucked in, the sweater. This is simply because that look a lot dressier. You can wear it out of the sweater and you’ll still look good but inside the sweater is best.

Tuck in Your Shirt

There are a lot of men who seem to think it looks good when you leave the bottom of your dress shirt hanging out of your sweater. It doesn’t. It actually just looks sloppy. Even if it just barely hangs out, kind of like how your shirt sleeves might just barely show under your sweater sleeves. Just tuck in your shirt and you will look a lot better.


Wear The Proper Tie

You don’t have to wear a tie when you wear a v-neck sweater but if you do, make sure you’re wearing a color that goes well with both your shirt and sweater. It’s basically the same as wearing a tie that goes well with your dress shirt and blazer or suit jacket. Wear something that compliments your outfit.

Wear Slim Fit or Regular Fit Sweaters

Some sweaters look good when they are a little baggy but v-neck sweaters don’t. Always wear a slim fit or regular fit v-neck sweater. Your sweater shouldn’t be skin tight, but it shouldn’t be loose or baggy.

V-Neck Sweater Types

You can pretty much wear any v-neck sweater you want with a dress shirt. You can wear a plain sweater, an argyle sweater, a cable knit sweater, a sweater vest, and more. Some styles may be more casual than others, but you will still look good.

Those are my tips for wearing a dress shirt with a v-neck sweater. I’m sure there are more tips but these are the most important. Wearing a dress shirt with a v-neck sweater will make any casual outfit look a lot dressier. Follow these tips and you will look good this fall and winter.

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