Holiday Trends: Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are in This Year

Thanksgiving is over which means the holiday season has begun. It also means that your wardrobe will be changing too. Most people have already started wearing sweaters, scarves, and other winter essentials and stores have been betting on a particular sweater design filling your closet this winter; The ugly Christmas sweater.


Seriously, this is on trend right now in retail stores. You can go to the mall and see a bunch of stores with Christmas sweaters and if you go to you’ll see that there is a specific category for ugly Christmas sweaters.

I haven’t seen anyone wearing one yet, but the holiday season just started so who knows if it will actually take off. Though, when many stores invest in the same trend, it’s obvious that they think it will. I just wonder why stores didn’t just do what they did in the summer and copy a popular runway color. Everyone had pink shorts for men last Summer. Regardless, I actually like some of the Christmas sweaters.

The Christmas sweaters at Macy’s are actually kind of good looking and I’m sure that American Eagle, Forever 21, and all those stores will get in on it and bring some good looking Christmas sweaters to stores. I, for one, want this sweater from Macy’s. It’s cliché but it’s definitely better than wearing something with a terrible color combination on it.

This is also a good idea when it comes to being festive. You can do it in style now and if someone gets you any ugly Christmas sweaters, they might not actually be ugly. This idea isn’t new, though. Stores have been selling Christmas t-shirts for a couple of years now. Especially the stores that I mentioned above. They have been trying to get holiday clothes back in style for a while.

I liked the trend back then but I didn’t actually want to get any holiday clothes until now because I love sweaters. I can’t wait to see what other sweaters there are so I can get one before Christmas. I’d love to wear one that day as I’d be able to show it off to everyone when we go visit our family. I don’t, however, want bare skin in the winter to catch on. That’s just ridiculous.

So, do you like ugly Christmas sweaters or do you think that it’s just another dumb trend? Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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