The H&M Swim Trunks I’ll be Wearing All Summer

H&M has a pretty good selection of men’s clothes. They have everything from simple black and white v-neck t shirts to sharp looking button up shirts in many colors that actually. fit It’s one of my favorite brands to shop from. I recently got a pair of  good-looking H&M swim trunks for $17, though, I didn’t buy them just because they looked good I bought them for the color, the style, and the fit and I’ll be wearing them all summer.

About a month ago, I was shopping around for some new swim trunks. I went to stores like American Eagle, Aeropostale, and Old Navy but I couldn’t find anything that fit or that I liked. After looking around those stores, I went to and found these navy swim trunks.

I love these swim trunks because they are short. The pair of swim trunks I had before these went past my knee and these shorts only go to my mid-thigh. That short length and a loose fit make these shorts look sharp and classy. As I said in my guide to men’s shorts, 6 inch to 8 inch inseams look best and these shorts have about a 6 inch inseam.

The color of these shorts is why I bought them as well. I wanted something classic and navy with thin white stripes is a great classic swimwear style. It’s something you’d commonly see on the beach or on a boat. I know that might sound cliché but these swim trunks aren’t.


Also, most swim trunks are made of a rough material that can chafe but these swim trunks are soft. The waistband is also soft and fits perfectly but these swim trunks have laces, as most of them do, in case you want them to be tighter.

Then, there’s the price. These swim trunks only cost about $17. That’s a pretty good price for all you’re getting with these shorts. Many other brands are selling swim trunks for around $40.

These H&M swim trunks are have a great fit, they come in a classic color, they’re soft, and they only cost $17. I will be wearing these shorts all summer and you should, too. I got mine at an H&M store and they were almost sold out but has them in stock in all sizes so get a pair before they sell out online.

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