Hermès Will Destroy Your Bag if it Thinks it’s a Counterfeit

If you send your bag to the Hermès Spa and they think it’s a counterfeit, they will keep it and destroy it.

According to an article on PurseBlog, if you send your bag to the Hermès Spa and they think it’s a counterfeit, they will keep it and destroy it. The customer has requested the brand check the bag again but is waiting for a statement from the brand as to why it thinks the bag is a counterfeit.

Hermès bags are supposed to last for years if you take care of it which means you should get the bag serviced and cleaned. The brand has a “spa” for this in which customers can bring their bags in to a boutique to have them shipped to Paris where they are serviced and shipped back to the owner.

The brands bags are also very popular. The Birkin is the most expensive and sought after handbag line in the world. The bags start at around $10,000 and can cost more than $100,000. The Kelly is pretty popular as well. The brand also makes these bags in rare leathers and colors.


Since the bags are so popular, there are quite a lot of counterfeits. People sell counterfeit Birkins and Kellys on website like eBay. The people who sell the bags make sure they are made in the best way so they seem authentic. That way they can sell them for $10,000.

Because the bags are so expensive and people sell so many counterfeits, there are handbag authenticators and resellers that customers use to tell whether a bag is authentic or not. Luxury brands don’t authentic bags so customers use autheticators to make sure the bags they are purchasing are authentic.

That, however, doesn’t always work. A customer recently purchased an Hermès Kelly Sellier Mou from reputable seller, which the customer didn’t specifically say who it was, but has bought and sold handbags with before. Before she bought the bag, she sent photos to an authenticator who has been authenticating bags since 2011 and has authenticated over 12,000 bags.

After looking at the photos, the authenticator said the bag was authentic. So, the customer bought the bag. The Kelly Sellier Mou was only made for two years and had been used by a previous owner so the customer decided to the Hermès Spa to get the bag serviced.

After the bag was sent to Paris, the customer received a letter from the brand saying her bag was a counterfeit and that the bag would not be returned to her. She could request the brand check the bag again but if the brand rejected the request the bag would be destroyed and she would receive nothing in return.

There are European laws made for luxury brands to do this. So, the brand can not only legally keep a customer’s bag if they think it’s a counterfeit, it’s required. Sending the bag back to the customer would be considered exporting counterfeit goods and if she traveled to Paris she would be breaking French law by receiving the counterfeit bag.

The brand will decide whether it’s a counterfeit or not. Although, the brand has been mistaken about a bag’s authenticity before. The brand, however, serviced those bags and returned them to the owner.

The customer, of course, requested the brand check the bag again. Although, the first requests were rejected, she’s waiting for a statement from the brand as to why the brand thinks the bag is a counterfeit.

The reseller which the customer bought the bag from has also contacted the original owner which the reseller says is working on providing receipts that would show the bag was purchased from Hermès.

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