Hermès is the Best Quality Luxury Brand I’ve Seen

Last year I saw a Lindy at an Hermès store in Las Vegas and the bag was of pretty good quality. Most brands seem to have bags that seem cheap but Hermès seems to be the best quality luxury brand I’ve seen.

Last year my husband and I went on vacation in Las Vegas, NV. While we were there we decided to go to an Hermès store. While we were there I saw a black Lindy 30. The bag was of pretty good quality and the leather was nice. It was also the best quality bag I’ve seen from a luxury brand.

Usually when I go into a luxury store or a luxury department store and I see bags, they seem cheap. Many bags from luxury brands don’t seem like luxury bags. They seem overpriced and like they’re not worth that much money.

I once went into a Chanel boutique in Saks Fifth Avenue while my husband and I were shopping on the weekend and I saw a black Flap Bag in caviar leather. The bag didn’t seem like it was of good quality. It was very light and it seemed cheap. The bag even had a dent in the corner and this was a bag the sales associate pulled out to sell.


Last year my husband and took a weekend vacation to Long Beach, CA as well. While we were there, we decided to go to Beverly Hills to see the luxury shops on Rodeo Drive. We went into a Louis Vuitton store and the bags were of pretty good quality. The bags, however, usually cost around $1,000 which isn’t that expensive for a luxury bag.

After we went to the Louis Vuitton store we went into a Versace store and as I was browsing I saw a bad quality coin purse. The leather didn’t seem evenly stitched. It was soft and seemed to be made of lambskin, but it seemed like it was poorly made.

The coin purse cost about $300 – $400 but the quality was about the same as a coin purse my husband bought his friend in Mexico that was made of lambskin as well. Those coin purses cost between 120 and 220 pesos, which was in between about $6 and $11 then.

The Lindy seemed to be of pretty good quality, though. The leather was nice and the stitching seemed to be nice as well. The bag was light but it wasn’t as light as the Chanel Flap Bag. The bags do seem a little overpriced but the brand seems to have better quality bags than other luxury brands.

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