Hermès Does Rivets for its Fall/Winter 18/19 Bags

Hermès debuted some bags and accessories with rivets and a lot of hardware for its Fall/Winter 18/19 collection that look very similar to Coach.

Coach has been putting rivets and a lot of hardware on its bags for a while. They were first being used mostly on saddle bags but the brand began using them on almost every bag. Most notably, the brand used them a lot for its Fall/Winter 2016 collection in a diamond pattern with mostly brown leather. Hermès seems to be doing the same thing.

PurseBlog published an article with all the bags Hermès released for its Fall/Winter 18/19 collection. The brand showed a brown suede Bolide with rivets on the shoulder strap in a diamond pattern as well as a pair of brown gloves with rivets in a diamond pattern. The rivets are also round much like those used on Coach bags.

There are a couple of other bags with rivets that aren’t placed in a diamond pattern but they still look pretty similar to Coach bags.


The studs and hardware along with the colors of the leather and clothing make the collection look similar to something Coach would do. The brand isn’t blatantly copying them but it seems the trend is even being used by the most popular and sought after brand in the world. The only thing is that the trend is basically Coach’s entire aesthetic.

I don’t think there would be any lawsuits or even anything said about it on social media, however, if an affordable brand were to do something like this they would probably be criticized quickly. Although, most brands are usually criticized for copying luxury brands rather than more affordable brands like Coach or luxury brands copying small designers or brands.

Also, Coach isn’t the first brand to use rivets either. Many brands have done it before and are still doing it. Valentino does it and Christian Louboutin does it. You shouldn’t, however, be able to recognize what a bag looks similar to when you see it. Handbags, at least in seasonal collections and on the runway, should only look like something the brand who made it would make.

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