Here Are the World’s Top 3 Most Valuable Apparel Brands

Brand Finance has announced that Nike, H&M, and Zara are the world’s top 3 most valuable apparel brands.

According to an article on Fashionista, Brand Finance, a valuation and strategy consultancy, has announced that Nike, H&M, and Zara are the world’s top 3 most powerful apparel brands. Nike has held its spot as the most valuable apparel brand in the world for 2017. H&M comes in second and Zara comes in third, taking the spot from Louis Vuitton.

Every year, Brand Finance ranks the most valuable brands in various categories. The company released its 2017 list of 50 apparel companies on Friday, March 10th. The company weighs sales and market share as well as power based on marketing investment, familiarity, loyalty, staff satisfaction, and corporate reputation to determine a company’s value.

Nike had a 13% increase in brand value compared to last year to $32 billion. That’s not that surprising, though, given Nike’s recent successful and inclusive launches. That includes both a plus-size sportswear line and an announce that of plans for a sportswear hijab for Muslim athletes.


H&M came in second at $19 billion and Zara came in second at $14.4 billion. That also isn’t very surprising given the brands’ increasing sales both in stores and online, which have been making sales at department stores decline for a while. H&M’s value increased by 24% while Zara’s value increased by 34% compared to last year.

Zara actually took Louis Vuitton’s spot as the third most valuable company. Louis Vuitton, however, is still the most valuable luxury brand on the list at $13 billion, followed by Hermès at $8.3 million.

Given Zara’s increase, the brand might just take H&M’s spot next year if sales increase. Zara’s value increased a lot more than H&M’s and the brand has been becoming a lot more popular lately. Nike will probably still be the most valueable apparel brand, though.

Gucci increased to $6.8 million, up three spots from 12 to 9. Coach’s value also increased to $4.6 million and is up a few spots as well to 15. Burberry’s value declined to $4 million and Michael Kors’ value declined to $3.7 million with both brands moving down on the list.

Marc Jacobs is the fastest growing brand in the list. The brand’s value increased by 84% to $1.4 million. The brand is 47 on the list compared to 57 last year.

Here are the top 10 most valuable apparel brands in the world in Brand Finance’s 2017 list. You can see all 50 brands here on Brand Finance.

1. Nike ($32 billion)

2. H&M ($19 billion)

3. Zara ($14.4 billion)

4. Louis Vuitton ($13 billion)

5. Adidas ($10 billion)

6. Uniqlo ($9.6 billion)

7. Hermès ($8.3 billion)

8. Rolex ($7 billion)

9. Gucci ($6.8 billion)

10. Cartier ($6.7 billion)

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