Hedi Slimane Wins €10 Million Lawsuit Against Kering

Hedi Slimane is in the news yet again. Last month Slimane was reported to be suing Kering for a second time for €10 million ($11.1 million). Now, it seems Slimane has won that lawsuit.

According to an article on Reuters, Hedi Slimane won the lawsuit he filed last month against Yves Saint Laurent parent company Kering. A Paris commercial court said Slimane should now have access to financial information regarding Saint Laurent.

Slimane had not been given access to such information by GG France Holding Company. GG France Holding Company is both part of Kering and the main shareholder of Saint Laurent.

Earlier this year, Slimane filed a lawsuit against Kering in French labor court over a non-compete contract he had with the company.


The contract, which was lifted upon Slimane’s resignation as creative director of Saint Laurent, would have kept him from working at any other brands in competition with those owned by Kering. Slimane demanded the contract still be applied as well as the financial compensation that goes with it.

About a week later, Slimane won that lawsuit and Kering was ordered to pay him $13 million.

Slimane then filed this latest lawsuit against Kering for €10 million. Finances his legal team said he was owed in connection to the final leg of his contract with the company. The lawsuit demanded Kering honor the original terms of the contract, which allegedly gave Slimane a minority ownership stake in Saint Laurent.

Leon de Forno, speaking on behalf of the Temine law firm representing Slimane, said Slimane was satisfied by the ruling. A spokeswoman for Kering had no immediate comment on the court ruling.

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