Hedi Slimane Suing Kering Over Non-Compete Contract

Hedi Slimane is filing a lawsuit in a French labor court against Yves Saint Laurent’s parent company, Kering, over a non-compete agreement he had with the company.

According to an article on Fashionista, Hedi Slimane is suing Kering over the non-compete contract he had with the company during employment.

Kering, who also owns Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, and many other brands, confirmed the lawsuit Wednesday in statement saying,

The procedure regards the usual non-competition obligations that accompanied Hedi Slimane’s collaboration with the Yves Saint Laurent Maison. Kering lifted this clause at the end of Hedi Slimane’s contract, thus freeing Hedi Slimane from this potential constraint. Hedi Slimane is requesting that this clause be applied still, along with the effective payment of the financial compensation that goes with it.


A non-compete agreement would keep an employee from getting a job in competition with the company with whom the agreement was made until the contract was up. Slimane wouldn’t be able to be the creative director of any other luxury brand until his non-compete agreement with Kering is up.

It was previously rumored that Slimane may be replacing Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel. Now it seems Slimane won’t be working for another luxury brand any time soon.

Kering also says that regardless of the lawsuit, the company still recognizes Slimane’s contributions to Yves Saint Laurent during his employment as creative director for the brand, according to an article on Reuters.

Slimane resigned as creative director of Saint Laurent in Arpil and was quickly replaced by Anthony Vaccarello the next week.

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