Hedi Slimane Is Suing Kering Again

Hedi Slimane was in court with Kering, parent company of Slimane’s former employer, Saint Laurent, last June. Slimane sued the company for $13 million over a “non-compete” contract and won. Now, Slimane is suing Kering again for an additional €10 million.

According to an article on The Fashion Law, Slimane is suing Kering for €10 million ($11.1 million) that his legal team says he is owed in connection with the final leg of his contract. The team also says that the $13 million payment Slimane received last June did not take into account his ownership stake in Yves Saint Laurent.

The lawsuit demands that Kering honor the terms of Slimane’s original contract, which allegedly gave him a minitory ownership stake in Saint Laurent.

Agence France-Presse, a French news agency covering the lawsuit, reports that “the talented designer is demanding that Kering abide by a partnership agreement giving Slimane certain rights, notably the right of access to information, as a minority shareholder in Saint Laurent.”


Slimane’s lawyer Hervè Temime declined to comment on the Agence France-Presse reports. Kering also had no comment on the reports.

The lawsuit is set to go before Commercial Court in Paris on October 19th.

Slimane has already filed a lawsuit against Kering. In June, Slimane claimed Kering did not apply a “non-compete” clause that was in a contract he had the company when he resigned as creative director of Saint Laurent in April.

The non-compete clause would keep an employee from being hired at a brand that is in competition with the company with which the contract was made. Slimane requests the clause still be applied as well as payments he would receive along with it.

Slimane later won the lawsuit, and Kering was ordered to pay him $13 million in a ruling in French labor court.

Given Slimane’s recent legal actions, he won’t be able to work at another luxury brand for about a year or more.

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