Hedi Slimane Debuts First Handbag for Céline

Hedi Slimane has debuted his first handbag for Céline.

According to an article on WWD, Hedi Slimane has debuted his first handbag for Céline. The bag, called the “16” bag, was named after the location of the brand’s atelier at 16 Rue Vivienne in France.

CEO Sèverine Merle released a statement saying, “the 16 handbag is the ultimate symbol of Hedi Slimane’s vision for Celine: it emphasizes our knowledge of incredible craftsmanship.”

The 16 comes in three sizes and will be available on November 12th. The bag is one of three handbag lines that will be launched this fall along with classic bags made by Phoebe Philo while she was at the brand. It will also retail from €2,900 to €3,500 (about $3,389 to $4,090).


Classic bags like the Belt Bag, Luggage Tote, and Box Bag are expected to still be available although it hasn’t been confirmed.

Last month, Lady Gaga was seen wearing the bag in Paris. Since then, the brand has gotten a lot of questions about the bag. It has become quite popular and it hasn’t even been released yet.

Merle talked about how difficult it was to make the handbag saying,

to achieve this level of perfection, Hedi pushed our team and asked them to deliver their best: despite drawing the 16 on the day of his arrival, it took our team more than six months to achieve the final version, meticulously developing each detail and testing the most luxurious skins to find the perfect leather.

The brand closed its e-commerce site for Slimane’s first collection for the brand on September but the site will relaunch in October.

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