Has Anyone Ever Actually Asked Donatella Why She Got Plastic Surgery?

Yesterday, I was looking at the famous picture of Donatella Versace posing for Givenchy and I noticed that her facial features were toned down a bit. Of course a photo like that would be photoshopped, but the photographer who retouched this photo seemed to go out of his way to lessen the extremity of her facial features. This got me thinking, has anyone ever actually asked Donatella herself why she got so much work done on her face?


It seems like no one has or is even interested in Donatella why she’s done so much to her appearance or why she did it in the first place. The only websites that ever talk about it are gossip sites like Daily Mail and The Inquisitor. They do what most trashy “news” sources do and try to get headlines by bashing Donatella for the way she looks. The only reputable source I’ve seen take a more positive approach to it is the Huffington Post in an article titled “Donatella Versace: My Face Is Not Like This Genetically” by Rebecca Adams.

Adams begins the article saying “Donatella Versace isn’t known for having the most natural style, but we definitely didn’t expect the designer to call herself out about it.” That sentence is misleading because it makes you think Donatella has revealed something about her surgeries but she only states that she uses a lot face creams and takes good care of her hair.

The article later reads:

Donatella’s ‘fessed up to using Botox in the past (“only on my face”), but she didn’t seem to mention that as part of her beauty regime this time around. As for how the Versace chief designer gets her toned physique, she keeps things pretty basic. “I stopped working with a personal trainer as he wouldn’t let me smoke,” she said.

That still doesn’t offer much information about her procedures as it’s quite obvious that Donatella has used Botox.

So, what gives? Why hasn’t anyone properly asked Signorina Versace why she got platstic surgery and why so many procedures? Are they avoiding being disrespectful to her? Do they think they will get backlash for asking her these things? I don’t see why they should be concerned about it if they do it properly and respectfully.

If Donatella agreed to an interview where she was informed that those kinds of questions would be asked, it would be okay. If she was asked that in general and declined to answer and the person who asked respected her decision, it would be fine. I just think that in the year 2015, where more people get plastic surgery than ever before, someone should have asked by now.

Not to mention, Donatella is the Creative Designer of one of what recently became one of the most popular brands. She first made her big mark with the famous dress worn by Jennifer Lopez, and now is spoken about in rap music like it’s just the thing to have. I doubt that a couple of questions about her procedures would make her that upset after being that successful.

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