Gucci and Balenciaga Use Machines to Make Sneakers and Jackets

Gucci is using machines to make its $650 sneakers and Balenciaga is using them to make its runway jackets.

According to an article on The Financial Times, Gucci is using machines to make its $650 sneakers. Balenciaga is also using them to make its runway jackets. The brands haven’t exactly lowered the quality of their products but that’s not what you’d expect from a luxury brand where most have their product made by hand.

The brand reportedly has a machine making shoes which it says about 30% – 35% or so of production could be by machines soon. The use of machines comes as the brand as well as others look to increase production and meet demand for its products. Brands are also making products themselves instead of using manufacturers to make more products and to make sure other brands aren’t stealing their products.

The brand plans to lower its use of manufacturers to 40% of its leather goods production from 75%, which it is currently using.


Balenciaga is also using machines to increase production. Fashion Critic Cathy Horyn released a statement in March about the brand’s Fall/Winter 18/18 collection saying,

Demna Gvasalia’s fall 2018 show for Balenciaga was revolutionary for fashion. To my knowledge, it’s the first time a major luxury brand, and one with a legacy of architectural elegance to boot, has used 3-D printing and molding technology to produce tailored coats and suit jackets.

Although Gvasalia isn’t the first to do this, he is the first to make a good argument in favor of it.

It seems both brands are using technology in a way that the brands think can work well with luxury fashion. Although, Prada Co-CEO Patrizio Bertelli does not agree in which he said, “there are some things you can use a robot to make, like sneakers, or to run a warehouse, but to use one to make a luxury product like a handbag? That is impossible,” according to an article on The Fashion Law.

Making luxury handbags with machines where most are made by hand or handcrafted would probably lower the quality of the bags. Most people also wouldn’t like it. Many handbags, like the Hermès Birkin, are as popular and in demand as well as expensive as they are because of how they are made, the quality of the bag, and the craftsmanship. Most people probably wouldn’t like a luxury bag made by a machine.

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