Grace by Grace Coddington to be Available April 19th

Grace Coddington is my favorite person at Vogue so it’s no surprise that when she releases a fashion or beauty product, I’m going to write about it. Grace Coddington has made her very own fragrance and it will be available in stores next month.

According to an article on Vogue, Grace Coddington has collaborated with Comme de Garçons to make a rose scented fragrance called “Grace”. The fragrance will be exclusively available at Dover Street Market on April 19th and will start at $110.

Vogue has also released a photo of the perfume bottle (below) on their Instagram. It looks like something Coddington would make as the cap of the bottle is a cat and if you know Grace Coddington, you know she loves cats but it wasn’t until the release of this fragrance that we knew how much she loves roses, too.

In the same article, Coddington explains why she chose the scent of roses saying, “My mother had a rose garden, and it just never occurred to me to smell like any other smell except rose,” a statement that is exemplified by her history with the scent.


In 1959 Coddington had moved to London with a friend of hers to attend modeling school but she failed because she was “clumsy”. Regardless, she met people while working as a waitress who signed her up for a Vogue modeling contest that she later won and introduced her to a photographer. With the money she made, she went into a store called Floris and purchased a rose scented fragrance. From then on, she continued to buy only rose scented fragrances.

Coddington wore Floris until 1981 when she began working with Calvin Klein. She then began working at Vogue in 1988 and started wearing Chanel No. 19. After that in 2004, it was Hermès Rose Ikebana Hermessence Perfume. Now, it will most likely be her own perfume, Grace, that she wears.

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