Goyard Releases New XXL Saint Louis Tote

Goyard has released a new XXL Saint Louis Tote bag so now you can be even more flashy.

According to an article on PurseBlog, Goyard has released a new XXL Saint Louis Tote bag. The bag is 24 inches wide and much larger than the brand’s GM size. Now you can be even more flashy with a larger bag in the brand’s monogram.

The bag is quite popular and has only come in two sizes for years. It was previously only available in PM and GM, or small and large. The PM is 11 wide and the GM is 13 inches wide, which many people use them as day bags or carry-ons. The Saint Louis Tote is actually supposed to be a beach bag, though. Now the brand has released a size for people to carry a lot of things like towels to the beach.

The Saint Louis Tote XXL is 24 inches wide. Goyard thickened the handles and made the, longer as well as put more stitching on the chapes. The XXL also comes with a larger pouch than the PM and GM bags.


The bag is pretty large and shouldn’t be used as a day bag. The bag is supposed to be used for what the Saint Louis Tote was originally for, which is to carry many things like towels for a day at the beach. The bag has thicker handles but it’s still pretty light and not a very structured bag.

The bag is already pretty loud and ostentatious in having the brand’s monogram. on it It’s flashy and it would be pretty tacky to wear it as a day bag. The larger size makes it even more loud and ostentatious than the PM and GM bags. I’m sure people will wear it as a day bag, though. Street style bloggers and celebrities will wear them and people wear a lot of things street style blogger and celebrities wear.

The Saint Louis Tote XXL comes in four colors black with black trim, black with tan trim, navy, and grey. The black with black trim and black with tan trim Saint Louis Tote bags retail for $1,780 and the navy and grey bags cost $2,310. The Saint Louis Totes XXL is only available at Goyard boutiques.

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