Good Reads: The Best News and Editorials in Fashion this Week

A lot has been going on in fashion and I’ve gathered the best news stories and editorials in this week’s Good Reads.

See Now, Buy Now Was a ‘Great Success’ for Ralph Lauren

A couple of months ago, Ralph Lauren made fashion news when the brand announced that it would show a “see now, buy now” fall collection at New York Fashion. Week The collection became available immediately after the show at the brand’s boutiques, online, and at a few stores globally. Earlier this week, the brand said the show was a success. The show was part of Ralph Lauren’s plans to move the brand forward and while it went well, the brand emphasized the importance of maintaining value for the brand’s products at retail.

Read the full article here on Fashionista.

Soon You Will be Able to Shop on Instagram

James Quarels, Vice President of Monetization of Instagram, announced that people will be able to shop Instagram. Brands will be able to tag products in their photos, the same way people tag their friends. Tapping on the tag will give you a product description and more information. Tapping again will allow you to buy the product on the brand’s website. Instagram may also include more features later like comparison shopping, a way to search for products, or a way to save posts.

Read the full article here on The Fashion Law.


The 13 Current and Classic Louis Vuitton Handbags That Every Bag Lover Should Know Right Now

PurseBlog has listed both new and classic bags from Louis Vuitton that anyone who loves handbags should know. Classic bags like the Alma and the Lockit have been listed as well as new bags like the Montaigne and Pochette Metis. Prices and where to get the bags have been listed as well.

Read the full article here on PurseBlog.

J.Crew Will No Longer Sell Wedding Dresses

J Crew has announced that it will no longer sale wedding dresses. Same store sales declined by 8% in the second quarter, the 8th quarter in a row to have declining sales. J Crew spokeswoman Margot Fooshee said in a statement that the brand plans to “focus on what women like to wear to someone else’s wedding, versus what they would wear to their own.”

Read the full article here on Elle.

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