Good Reads: The Best News and Editorials in Fashion this Week

A lot has been going on in fashion and I’ve gathered the best news stories and editorials in this week’s Good Reads.

Susie Bubble and Bryanboy Respond to Criticism on Fashion Bloggers [Updated]

Vogue recently published an article I which some editors recapped Milan Fashion Week. The article included reviews of the best shows and outfits but the article also included some not so fond opinions about street style bloggers and the way they do business. One editor told streetbstyle bloggers to “find another business” and that they were “heralding the death of style” while others told them they were pathetic and calling their attending shows “pretty embarrassing.” Street style blogger Susie Bubble responded to the news saying that Vogue editors basically get paid the same way they do while Bryanboy explained that there are some editors who only go to certain shows for advertising.

Read the full article here on Fashionista.

Claus Dietrich Lars Named Bottega Veneta CEO; Carlo Beretta Promoted to Kering Role

Kering has announced that former Hugo Boss CEO Claus-Dietrich Lars is the new CEO of Bottega Veneta. Lars replaces Carlo Beretta, who Kering also announced has now been promoted to Chief a Client and Marketing Officer after the news if Lars’ hire. Lars resigned as CEO of Hugo Boss in February after having been with the brand for 8 years.

Read the full article here on The Business of Fashion.


The Best Celebrity Bag Looks of Milan Fashion Week Spring 2017

Celebrities carry luxury handbags a lot and they usually carry the latest bags from the biggest brands. They did just that during Milan Fashion Week and PurseBlog has listed some of the best celebrity bag looks from the event. Also, there are celebrities on the list but it also includes models and some fashion bloggers.

Read the full article here on PurseBlog.

Gigi Hadid Designs Gigi Boot With Stuart Weitzman

Gigi Hadid has collaborated with Stuart Weitzman on a new boot for the brand’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection. The brand hasn’t released any details about the boots but the pair she is wearing in an advertisement for them looks like suede. Also, the brand has not said when the boots will be available or how much they will cost.

Read the full article here on Teen Vogue.

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