Givenchy Spring/Summer Collection 2016

Well, that was nice. Givenchy held its show for the first time in the United States to celebrate the opening of its new flagship store in Manhattan. The show was good but there weren’t many outfits that were visually striking; especially in the beginning.The first outfits that came out we’re very relaxed and I liked it, but it just didn’t pop out to me.

I was excited to see what Riccardo Tisci designed this season because I do like Givenchy, but there was more hype around the show than needed. That was the main reason why I wanted to see it. There were some outfits that got my attention though. For example, the outfit in the image below.

Photo by: Monica Feudi /
Photo by: Monica Feudi /

I like this one because of the way top wraps around her shoulders and that necklace looks amazing. I’m sure there will be many people excited to show off those new Givenchy shoes, too.

Here are a few more outfits from the Givenchy show that I liked.

The photo on the left is one of the relaxed outfits I was talking about. I liked that one the most out of all the clothes in the beginning. The photo on the right seems fit for a formal party. It’s quite an elegant dress.

The last outfit I’d like to talk about is one of the men’s outfits in the picture below.

Photo by: Monica Feudi /
Photo by: Monica Feudi /

I love the shirt and blazer combination on this one. I could see myself wearing this in a lounge with my husband, drinking a glass of Port during a late evening with soft music playing in the background. It leans more on the elevated, casual side than the formal. Paired with some minimalistic accessories, this outfit would look absolutely stunning.

Those are the main outfits from Givenchy that stuck out to me but as I mentioned  before, most of the outfits didn’t catch my attention. The show was actually a little boring. There was just too much hype around the show being open to the public and Givenchy having a show in the U.S. for the first time. There was even a rumor that Caitlyn Jenner was going to walk the runway. Everyone’s eyes were on this show. It was all just hype except for the part about Riccardo opening the show to the public. That is actually a big deal.

Oh, and these shoes.

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