Get This $39 Shirt Jacket from H&M This Winter

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I went shopping. We were actually shopping for a pair of shoes but we came across a jacket at H&M. The jacket is the H&M Wool Blend Shirt Jacket. This jacket is a winter essential that you should get this season. It’s affordable, it looks great, and its of good quality.

As said, my husband and I were shopping for shoes a couple of weeks ago when he came across the jacket. He tried on a couple and as soon as he put on an extra small, he wanted to buy it. Since we were there for something else, he decided not to. That actually ended up benefiting him, though. Instead of going back later only to find there are no more extra small jackets, he got it on a discount.

H&M sends discount codes to customers that shop online. Discount codes usually give you from 25% – 40% off or more. The jacket costs $39 but we got 40% off the jacket and paid only $25 after taxes and got free shipping as well. Regardless, it’s only about $40 after taxes and that’s a good price for what you get.

Also, H&M is having Black Friday sales all week so you might be able to get a good discount on it as well.


The jacket is not only affordable, but it looks great, too. It looks very casual in the online pictures because of how the model is wearing it and it is a casual jacket. It can, however, give your outfit a dress casual look simply because of the style of shirt jackets.

A shirt jacket is a light jacket that looks like a shirt. The overall silhouette of the jacket is shaped like a dress shirt but the materials used to make it are what you’d use to make of a coat. Also, shirt jackets have collars like a dress shirt and may or may not have short tails.

This particular jacket from H&M is made out of a similar material as the Guess peacoat I got a couple of months ago. It also doesn’t have any tails and kind of looks like a blazer depending on how you wear it.

It will give your outfit a dressy casual look if you wear it with the right accessories. Wear this with a pair of dark wash jeans, a dress shirt, a v neck sweater, leather bluchers or loafers, and a leather belt. You can also wear this with a pair of chinos to make it even more dressy.

That is why you should get it. Although we got a discount on it, the H&M Wool Blend Shirt Jacket is still affordable. It only costs $39. It can be worn casually or give an outfit a dressy casual look and it’s of good quality.

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